Hello, I’m the guy behind the camera.

My name is Kevan and I am a self-taught photographer who specializes in landscape, ocean, travel, architecture, and nature photography. I discovered photography in high school and saw it as a creative tool to recreate moments that shaped my upbringing. I bought a 35mm film camera and learned how to process black-and-white film soon thereafter.

Watching my first image appear in the darkroom was really cool, even though it was out of focus. At that moment, photography became one of my passions. I reside in southern California with my wife, who convinced me to turn my passion for photography into a side business which I named Roadmap Photography.


My Work Environment.

My work environment is the environment. An abandoned beach at dusk, the edge of a fog-covered lake, an energetic city at night, a mountaintop with endless views, some historic building.


My Camera Gear.

I shoot with a Leica M (Typ 240) rangefinder and Leica M Series Summicron and Summarit lenses. I often bring along my Yashica T5 or Olympus Mju 2 when I want to shoot 35mm film photography.